Am I “Tough” Enough for a Tough Mudder?

I finished the Chicago marathon last October and continued to ride the race high for another couple of months. I felt fit, strong and ready for my next challenge. It only took a little nudging and a promise of beer to sign me up for another extreme race – the Tough Mudder. In hearing its name alone, I visualized placing another notch on my belt.

Fast forward to now and find me spending countless hours on the couch looking through cold-fogged windows. My “no mountain is too high” attitude shrank and my thighs have done the opposite.

My first step was to gage my race preparation level. Logically, I took the, “Are you ready for a tough mudder quiz”on their website. I prefer Hulk Hogan mustaches, can carry a case of Miller Lite and climb a latter with little fear so I’m apparently categorized as “Mudder Ready.”

So what exactly am I ready for? Arctic enemas, balls to the wall, fire walkers and electroshock therapy just to name a few obstacles. I knowingly signed up for a face full of mud and dirt under my finger nails, but somehow I skipped over the part about being voluntarily shocked!

It’s going to be a blast!

Off to scale city walls, jump over burning trash cans in my alley and carry the elderly across the street on my back – all in a day’s training.