Training on the Road.

Good morning Charlotte!

I mentally prepared myself for a long, solo run all week…but It took everything in me to crawl out of the large, comfortable hotel bed at 5 AM. I was prepared though – my favorite chocolate cherry shot bloks, GPS watch and even the gel I use to avoid chaffing 🙂

I ran a few miles in the fitness center on the treadmill until it was light enough outside. Outside the hotel, it was an eerie morning on the streets of Charlotte.


Since I am with a bunch of other Ag Nerds at AgChat 2013, I proudly sported my “Team Dairy” shirt!


I love exploring new roads, but at the same time have to remember to stay cautious. Always check with the hotel front desk to ask about parks, running trails, sidewalks and safe/unsafe areas of the city.

Song: Wake Me Up – Avicii
Recovery: 1% Chocolate Milk